MVEP at the Capital



30 October 1998

MVEP Performs "Arkansas Ghosts of Democracy" at Student Mock Election Return Center at the Arkansas State Capital.

During the evening of October 29, while students from several area schools collated and posted the results of the student mock election, Mississippi Valley Educational Programs performed several skits on Arkansas election history subjects from Territorial days to the women's suffrage and prohibition movements of the 1890s.  Sharon Priest, the incumbent Secretary of State, kindly introduced the first vignette, a skit on the militia captain election of Joeseph Hardin, an influential early Arkansas politician.  Later, Union soldiers occupying Little Rock argued the merits of Lincoln vs. McClellan for President in 1864.  Milton Baber of the Reconstruction era argued for a new constitution in 1871 to ensure only "right-thinking men" voted in future elections.  The last program featured the coalition of temperance and suffrage movements, and examples of early mass lobbying efforts.

Ann Clements, Capital Historian, sponsored the MVEP performance.  Please contact her for references and more information about other historical programs at the State Capital.  Her address is Room 017, State Capital, Little Rock, AR 72201-1094.   Phone is (501) 682-3472, or e-mail at


Tom Yancey and Kent Goff campaign for Joseph Hardin

Tom Yancey as Milton Baber, "Un-Reconstructed"

Bonnie Yancey argues for women's suffrage circa 1890.

Jan Goff leads spectators, including the Secretary of State in the "Temperance Pledge."