Firearm History Classes


World Wars 1 & 2


MVEP has several hands-on courses available on the history of firearms in America and its wars.  The focus of the classes is to introduce the student to the FACTS about firearms technology and history, in contrast to the myths and legends of Hollywood and many well-meaning historians who often repeat such myths.  Second, the classes highlight the important roles of these arms in the making of American history in war, defense, hunting, and survival.    Specific courses are listed on the buttons at left, but custom courses may also be created based on your interest.

The classes are complete multi-media presentations using film (both period and recreations), photographs, PowerPoint slides, and of course, actual examples of the famous arms.  The impact of changing small arms technology on tactics will also be stressed.  A three to four hour classroom session on the development and history of the weapons and range safety is followed by an opportunity to try the arms studied.

Students will be allowed to safely handle, study, and even fire original and replica arms under the close supervision of trained and certified safety instructors. 

Special Requirements for Students:

All students must be either at least 18 or accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.   No one under a legal disability to possess firearms, such as felons, drug users, or those under a restraining order are allowed.


Standard MVEP fees apply, but an additional ammunition charge of $5.00 to $20.00 per student will apply.

Friends of NRA grants may be available to underwrite most of the cost of a program.   Contact Kent at for more information.


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