Combat Engineer



MVEP has an "immersion" program available that is suitable for 5th grade to adult students that "trains" the students using the original WW2 Engineer Manuals in some representative skills of the period soldier.  Combat Engineers were one of the few types of units that African-Americans saw combat in as well during WW2.


The following pictures are from a highly successful immersion program held at West Memphis Middle School.  Contact Steven Weber as a reference.


Kent Goff "welcomes" the new "draftees" as a friendly drill sergeant:

WMww2welcome2.jpg (26324 bytes)


The students were well prepared and eager to get started.

WMww2welcome1.jpg (69573 bytes)


First task was to form platoons under the leadership of the students

WMww2formup.jpg (86112 bytes)


Classes on basic engineer skills such as map reading, communications, bangladore torpedos, and other engineer weapons followed using simulators and original lesson plans occupied the morning of the simulation day.


Kent Goff teaches the "soldiers" about wire telephone communications using original WW2 EE-1 phones and wire reeling machine.

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WMww2map2.jpg (73300 bytes)



Next, the students learn how to read engineer maps and how to conduct engineer reconnaisance.

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Tom Yancey teaches how to use the "new" tank and bunker busting "Launcher, Rocket, 2.36" commonly known as the "bazooka" after the fantasy instrument of a popular period radio personality, Arkansan Bob Burns.

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WMww2bangtm2.jpg (87584 bytes)



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The final two hours of the day ended with the students conducting a reconnaisance mission and an assault mission on a minefield/bunker complex, under the watchful eye of four genuine WW2 combat veterans.   The veterans praised the program highly for its authenticity and the interest of the students.


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