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Custom and Tailored Programs:

    We at MVEP do not want to become a "one song" or fixed organization, but desire the challenge and opportunity to create new programs to fit your historical site, local character, or particular historical interest.  Our skills in research and presentation our our most valuable assets.

    The cost would not be as high as you might think, as we would only charge for the capital expense of creating your program.  However, this will require some negotiation on both our parts.  If your "custom" program is popular, then obviously we would want to add it to our repertoire.

    Please contact Kent Goff at MVEP about your custom program.

Programs Under Development

Spanish-American War 1898
World War I U.S. Soldier
Battlefield Tours of Shiloh and Pea Ridge
Native American Life in the Mississippi River Valley
Colonial Arkansas - Revolutionary War battle at Arkansas Post
Coronado expedition - 1540-1542
Railroad conductors, engineers, station masters of the Missouri Pacific and Cotton Belt Railroads.


Please call us with your needs or ideas, as we are always developing new programs.

Programs may be easily adapted for use by schools, museums, parks, and historical sites.


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