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Academic Works by MVEP

This page will link you to papers written by MVEP staff relating to living history or some aspects of history that would be useful to the living historian.  Permission is granting to quote from the material for fair academic use, provided proper citation and credit is given.

Additionally, these papers serve as examples of the scholarship of the MVEP staff.

Living History

Kent Goff writes on a suggested standard procedure for accessioning reproduction artifacts for museum and living history programming.

Kent Goff wrote on developing a railroad character as part of an internship.  A guide to our thinking about how to develop a living history character.

U.S. Civil War

Kent Goff describes the evolution and execution of skirmish doctrine during the Civil War.  Skirmish formations were used very frequently during the war, and by the end of the war, came to eclipse the line of battle formation for combat.

World War II

Kent Goff interviewed three PW branch camp guards from eastern Arkansas about the operations of the numerous small agricultural work camps operated 1944-1946.  The operations and description of the "typical" camp is reconstructed.

Cold War

Kent Goff investigated the role of the Soviet political officer (zampolit) as an instrument of Party control of the military in the USSR from 1917 to 1990.