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I want to have a Living History Event, but what do I do?

The MVEP staff, as members and leaders of a Civil War re-enactment group, professional mercenary living historians, and with our personal leadership and management skills acquired as a military officer, an industrial engineer, a tax and finance professional, educational specialists, and experienced classroom teachers, we at MVEP have a wealth of practical experience. Do not suffer needlessly by trying to develop and manage an event for the first time!

Key Benefits

Prevent the disasters of inexperienced event managers.
Save money by doing it right the first time.
Pay only for what help you need.


    We can help you design an event, advise you on resources available, recruit living historians with particular skills, help with advertising, plan and execute logistics, supply financial and tax advise, and other knowledge needed to make your event a success.

Recruit and manage living historians
We have an extensive list of contacts of all skill descriptions imaginable.
Plan and Execute Logistics
The worst nightmare if not done correctly, and totally unnoticed if done correctly.   No one may notice if we do it for you.

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