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Kent J. Goff, owner and craftsman

Cherry Valley, AR 72324

(870) 588-4830/1406

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General Information:

I am a custom shoe maker specializing in wood peg construction shoes.  Please understand that every pair of shoes is made by myself, by hand, in my shop here in Arkansas.  When you order, I will be able to tell you an approximate ship date, usually no more than 3-4 weeks after I receive your order.

I enjoy adding new authentic patterns and styles to my catalog, so please feel free to discuss with me making the shoe you need for your impression.  Prices for such work will not be higher than my standard items, but it may take us 3-6 months to work out the pattern, and you trying on some test shoes.

I don't have a catalog other than this web catalog, but please contact me for custom items or special needs you may have.

General Specifications

Sizes available are Mens' 7 through 11 by half sizes, 12, 13, and 14 in "D" or "EE" width.  Leather colors in the brown shoes varies from pair to pair as I cannot afford to hold hundreds of feet of leather on hand.  Call on particular shades available.  Soles are vegetable tanned sole leather 3/8" thick pegged by hand.  Modern cement is also used in the construction of these brogans, and while you cannot see it in the finished product, if that offends your authenticity, I will build a pair without on special order.  I am always looking for more authentic pattern variations to produce, so if your research has discovered a particular shoe you would like for your impression, but it is unavailable, please call me.

Shoe Repairs:

Replacing lost heels will be $17.50 per pair, and adding a new tap over worn soles $30.00 per pair.  Please call or e-mail for prices on other work and reconditioning.

Ordering Instructions:

Please make a good foot tracing and note the best fitting size shoe you wear (U.S. made preferable, foreign made running shoes are notoriously mis-sized.)  If you have any unique fitting problems, such as high arches or orthotic inserts, please call for further information.  Mail order with a careful description of style and options desired or e-mail me.  Payment should be money orders or checks (held two weeks).  Please include $9.00 for shipping and insurance.  Arkansas customers include 8.125% sales tax.  Sorry, I do not accept credit cards, except through paypal.

Arkansas Depot

Cherry Valley, AR 72324

(870) 588-4830/1406