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Georgia Quartermaster Department Contract Brogan $97.50

A s found in Echos of Glory: Arms and Equipment of the Confederacy, page 175.  Constructed of rough out brown leather with hand stitched sides and wood pegged soles and heels.  May be special ordered with double pegs, smooth out, or black leather.  Double row of pegs add $15.00  Dyed black add $5.00.  Size 14-15, add $10.00

Photo of Black Georgia QM brogan

Photo of Chocolate brown Georgia QM Brogan

Federal Quartermaster Department Bootee  - $115.00

Based upon the research of the late Ernest W. Peterkin as published in the Company of Military Historians.  The QM official pattern has subtle curves in the toplines and eyerows, and a pair of lace holes in the tongue.  The heels are steel nailed at five per inch as per OMC specification.  The soles and heels are stamped U.S. as were the originals.

Photo of the Federal QM Pattern

Closeup of the Federal QM Pattern

"Modified" Brogan - $82.50

As found also in Echos, page 174 at the top.  This pair appears to have either been made or cut down slightly with only two lace holes and no inside counter or heel slip.  Probably done to save labor and materials, and it does so today as well.   In my opinion this may be the most authentic type for Western Confederate impressions, especially Trans-Mississippi.  Also a good shoe for circa 1850-1870 civilians as this resembles many of the types made at home during the period.

Photos of rust brown lowtop brogan.

Womens'' "Thornton Shoe"  - $75.00

Reproduction of a pair of shoes made by her slaves and worn by Mrs. M.A. Thornton of Greene County, Georgia.  The originals were hidden in a ceiling in anticipation of Sherman's visit in 1864 and discovered fifty years later, now in the collections of the Essex Institute.  A similar men's pattern is found in the much battered pair on the top of page 174 of Echos.  An excellent women's working shoe, smooth side out with a bal vamp, a single layer of sole leather, and a low heel.

Men's double sole variation - $90.00 

Photo of ladies Thornton.