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Here are links to some of our favorite sites, sites of fellow living historians we work with, and suppliers.  If you would like to have your site added to the list, please contact Kent Goff at    We want to link with all like minded serious living historians, and suppliers who make the best not only for profit, but pride.


Headgear puts you in contact with the Burtons' and the finest historic hats available.


Living History sites and groups:

American Association of Living History Farms and Museums - they have a great newsletter, but it is definately high-end, east coast oriented.

American Association of State and Local History - administers grant programs for the History Channel, has several resources for small local museums. and

Stacy Roth is a similar to MVEP as a living history contracter on the East Coast that is very interested in rigorous research and presentation.

16th Century Spanish

Tim Burke is the leader of the original deSoto band in Florida, home base is the NPS de Soto memorial.  Tim and his associates have been extremely helpful in getting the MVEP deSoto impression right and has even traveled to Arkansas to join us at an event.   He also puts out the best newsletter in re-enacting/living history.  Contact him at or at his web site

16th - 19th Century Spanish

Judy Romero has an outstanding web page on the contribution of Hispanics to American History and a lot of links to like minded pages on living history, history, and culture.   If you want information on the overlooked and significant contributions of Hispanics, her page is the first place to look.

Other Sites

Smoke and Fire News is a newspaper type publication that covers 17th to 19th Century Re-enactments and Living History.

The Richard C. Butler Center for Arkansas Studies located at the Main Library at 100 Rock Street in Little Rock is your first stop for primary sources on Arkansas History.  Tom Dillard, the director, is an all-around great guy and knows the answer or who knows the answer on your Arkansas history questions.   They also have prepared lesson plans for the teaching of Arkansas History and has fellowships for teachers interested in developing further teaching resources for Arkansas History. is the site celebrating the bicentennial of purchase of the land that became Arkansas.  A large number of events are being coordinated at this site, plus plenty of info on the history and resources available.