Our first person program for WWI is about Marked Tree, Arkansas hero Hermann Davis, who was cited as one of the 100 bravest soldiers in the AEF by General Pershing.

For more information on Hermann Davis,


Planned hands on activities include actually packing a soldier's kit of the era, learning soldier duties, trench life, and information on the home front.

A hands on program of using actual period style gas masks by the students will be part of the 1st person immersion presentation.  A class on your mask will be given by an AEF NCO using actual documentation and training plans from 1917-1918.  Some of the source material was classified until the 1970s.  Students will learn how the soldiers coped with gas warfare by experiencing actual training.

Gas warfare is relevant to current events in the Middle East.

Photos from the "History Commando" day camp at the Old State House Museum in July 2006.

OSHmusgasmask2.jpg (150122 bytes)


Photos from Crowley's Ridge Educational Workshop in January 2000.

Kent Goff demonstrating original WW1 mask

Teachers trying out WW1 type masks.

Another group of teachers

World War One US unit patches AEF - 34th division

World War One patches  35th Div. - specialist units


Teaching helps for MVEP presentations:

A simulated Arkansas newspaper with stories of the era, teacher's guide available.


Beautiful military maps from the West Point military history department: