Standard Programs


de Soto 1539-1543
French colonials
Hunter-Dunbar Expedition 1804
U.S. Civil War

2002 Living History Programs Available

1539-1543 de Soto Expedition to La Florida - trek included Arkansas, Tennesee, Mississippi, and Louisiana

Eastern Longhunter and French Trapper of the Mississippi River Valley

Pioneer and Colonial Trades and Tradesmen

Pioneer Activities - Daily Life

Life of the Civil War Soldier

History Lab: Experience of the Civil War Recruit - an immersion program done in first person.

Civil War Foods

Civil War Era Dance and Etiquette

The Civilian in Reconstruction Arkansas

19th Century Shoemaking

History Of Military Technology

Evolution of Land Warfare

smallnew.gif (926 bytes)World War One U.S. soldier:  includes special class on gas warfare.

smallnew.gif (926 bytes)World War II U.S. Soldier

All of the above are HANDS ON, participatory experiences for your students AND teachers.

Programs Include:

  1. Read ahead materials to prepare the students.

  2. Consultation with cooperating teachers, interpreters, and administrators.

  3. A full day, half day, or one hour Living History Presentation.

  4. Pre and post testing of learning objectives.

  5. Follow up and resource information available.

MVEP programs are meticulously researched and documented with primary sources.  All reproduction objects used in programs are made to exacting standards by ourselves and others with the best information available.

MVEP programs have been presented at Arkansas State Parks, Historic Areas, The Territorial Restoration, Arkansas State University, University of Arkansas, Ozark Folk Center, and other private and public schools across the Mid-South.

Unsolicited Visitor Letter

September 13, 1998

Dear Kent, 

       Thank you for the Visions of the P.A.S.T. program that you put on this year.  My students had a wonderful time learning about history.   Your staff was so good with my sixth graders.  They broke things down to a child's level.  The actors also did a great job of allowing the students to participate in hands-on activities.  By making their presentations hands-on, they involved my students and make the lessons much more entertaining.  The hands-on activities helped personalize the Arkansas History for my students.  I can not say thank you enough for all that your staff did to help me to teach history.  I honestly feel like each of my students gained the knowledge in one day that would have taken me about one month to teach.  Sincerely,

Steven M. Weber, Richland Elementary School, West Memphis, Arkansas                                                                                      

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